The Importance of Action Steps

Why are Action Steps so important?

Many of us want the easier, softer way!

You go to a healer, and they give you action steps to do to get your life back on track. They may even explain, or reiterate that there is a purpose for these actions. They’re critical for supporting and maintaining the benefits from the healing, each session building on the next for progress, improved health, and happiness.

You go home feeling better and set the action steps from your reading aside for another day.

And nothing happens.

Weeks go by, and you are right back in the same unsettling situation you were in before, doing the same thing and expecting results.
You find yourself back at the healers. When he or she asks you if you have been doing the action steps that they recommended, you respond with a disappointing “no.”

image of woman with palms together in prayer for Jessica Banks, Energy Mender, Yogini, and Reiki Master "Notice the connections and synchronistic events in your daily life"It is so important that we do these actions to clear ourselves, cut emotional cords, or praying for help from our angels, our guides, or your higher power.

I’ve learned from many healing sessions, the ones that do the action steps are the ones who get on the path of healing, and realize their inner power to heal themselves. They can control and manifest the life they want free from anxiety and fear-based thinking. It is in all of us to make what we want to happen; you must believe in yourself. Ironically, this is hard without help.

That’s what healers do, they direct you towards power you already have inside.

An experienced channel can make a lot less work out of a simple learning process.

You wouldn’t just go to work, sit down on the floor, and expect a paycheck. You have to do something or “take action” to get the reward. Why not do the work for yourself? Take positive action! With a spiritual practice and a little discipline, utilizing visualization, writing, and enquiring into what you want in life to be different, doing this is manifestation! But you must do the work.

Be accountable to yourself.

You must hold yourself accountable. Throughout the day return to those action steps, however many times it takes to clear your negative thoughts.

image of Gandhi for Energy Mender blog post Jessica Banks is a Reiki Master, Yogini, and Psychic Energy Healer
A quote from Gandhi:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny”

Empower yourself, Take action!

Jessica Banks completed the 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Training at Ally Ford’s and Beyond the Pose Yoga by Caroline San Juan CzubajDo this, and you will manifest all that you desire from life.

If you need help, I am now offering sessions over the phone or via skype! With a free 30 minute remote reading, we can jumpstart your healing process.

–Jessica Banks. Namaste.

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